Dream Dogos - Dogo Argentino Breeder

Mission & Values

Mission: To honor the breed, its creator and all the Dogo Argentino owners who entrust us with their new family members.

Dream Dogos has donated Huinca to a disabled veteran and is honored to pay tribute to our Veterans, The Dogo Argentino Breed and to our very special guardian angel Huinca who has transformed my life and the life of another person who needed him more than I do.

Here are the words from his own mouth. He was kind enough to allow me to share them with you.


"Huinca has helped me a lot in so many ways.
He has helped me when I feel hopeless and scared.
He is a great dog.
He makes me more confident.
He knows me as I know myself.
He knows who I am.
He is a great dog.
He is my body.
He is my life.
I love him to my death.
I love him to my death."

Dogo Argentino with disabled veteran