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Each Dogo Argentino Puppy is a character of its own. It is important for me to match the right owner with the right Argentine Mastiff Puppy . I would like future owners to be actively involved in choosing their own puppy.

To help me do that I would like future owners to send me all the information that they think will help me make that match.

1. Why would you like a Dogo Argentino?
2. Would you like a male or a female?
3. What are your previous experiences with other dogs? What did you like about them?
4. Do you currently have an Argentinian Mastiff?
5. If not, do you have another breed of dog?
6. What is you lifestyle, and a typical work day?
7. Where do you intend to keep the dog most of the time?

All information will be kept strictly confidential and private and will only be used for the purpose of choosing the right Dogo Argentino Puppy for you. I hope these are not too many questions but the more information you give me the better I will be able to choose the right Argentine Dogo puppy and the new family member for you.

A certificate of completion for a dog kennel.



- A State Issued Official Health Certificate
- Two year health guarantee against         Genetic Defects
- Dogos are sold with a purchase agreement
- Personalized Comprehensive Care Plan
- Microchip ID                                                  - BAER test for the hearing
- Vaccination up to the age
- Breeding rights
- The medical records

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