Dogo Argentino Breed Available

The universe has given us three things to make life bearable - hope, jokes, and dogs. The most precious of all is dogs. A Dogo Argentino from Dream Dogos makes that saying absolutely true.
I started my breeding program in 2008. I made a special effort to get bloodlines from the best kennels in the United states, Argentina, Brazil and Europe. I have selectively bred the best traits regarding physical appearance, temperament and breed standard in each bloodline until I have created Dream Dogos Bloodlines. You can clearly see the difference in this picture. These are two female dogos of the exact same age at 6 months. The Dogo on the left is imported from a very famous kennel in Argentina and the Dogo on the right is Dream Dogos bloodlines. It breaks my heart when I get a phone call from a dogo argentino owner saying that he or she got a dogo from this or that place and they do not think that it is a dogo. I am offering you the result of 14 years of selective breeding that incorporated the best qualities and removed all the defects in each bloodline you can possibly imagine.

Two white dogs sitting on the floor in front of a person.
Two white dogs sitting on a porch.

Dream Dogos' Bloodlines

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Why Choose Dream Dogos?

  • The Best Health Guarantee: We Offer Lifelong Health Guarantee Against Genetic Defects
  • The Most Reputable Breeder Nationwide
  • The Best Bloodlines according to the breed standard as set by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez
  • Lifelong experience and passion
  • Satisfied customers nationwide. Please refer to customer reviews at BBB.

What makes us different?


Before we started our breeding program we spent years selecting and studying the best bloodlines. We only breed Dogos that have excellent temperament, strong drive to work, hunt, and are easy to train. Our Dogos are always a source of pride and joy for their owners.


We provide a true health warranty. Our medical knowledge and a lifelong research career are utilized to provide comprehensive care plan including feeding instructions, skin care and all of the required supplements that are specific to the Dogo Argentino. Our care plan has been tested and tried and has proven to provide all that the Dogo Argentino puppy requires to grow healthy. Buying a Dogo from Dream Dogos does not end by receiving the puppy. We provide continuous support for our customers and their new family members.

Customer Service

We value customer service and take extreme pride in our puppies. We provide the best customer service from start to finish. We work very hard to match the right Dogo Argentino to the family/owner. We are very proud of our breeding program and rest our reputation on your satisfaction.

Compare Us Vs. The Competition

We have made it our policy to never disrespect another breeder. So please do not ask us about the quality of other Dogos within or outside the United States. Keeping that in mind, we also know that we breed superior Dogo Argentinos and provide excellent customer service. Whomever you choose to get your Dogo Argentino puppy from, we offer you best wishes. However, we hope you choose to become a member of the Dream Dogos family.

Customer Reviews

(5 stars)

TO WHOMEVER IS SEARCHING FOR A HIGH QUALITY DOGO ARGENTINO OF BREED STANDARD, Ethical Breeder, temperament, trust, etc…Read please. I have been researching the “Dogo Argentino” for the past 13 years before purchasing my first Dogo from “DREAM DOGOS”! Sadly my dog of another breed passed away, and I felt that it was time to purchase another puppy/dog. did not want to purchase a Dogo that was not of STANDARD; bad temperament, deafness, hip problems, incorrect muscular system, etc! I wanted a REAL DOGO ARGENTINO, of Breed standard, correct bite, posture, white color of course, no deafness, etc…I GOT EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED AND MORE FROM DREAM DOGOS! Mr. Peter asked me what I wanted, clear communication from the beginning to the end. He made sure that the Dogo that I received was what I asked for, with GOOD TEMPERAMENT, BREED STANDARD, no deafness (Dream Dogos REALLY test their puppies, unlike many sadly), nothing that would disqualify her in a dog show! I’m truly blessed to have received one of Dream Dogos puppies. Moreover, Peter made sure that I was a right fit for my puppy as well. Peter and his family socialized my puppy and I immediately noticed that the day she came home! She gets along with everyone, everyone wants to pet her and she allows it! It is such a joy to see people give her compliments. She’s smart, full of energy, I feed her according to Dream Dogos and she is growing wonderfully! My puppy is now 10 weeks, healthy and what you would expect out of a quality Dogo Argentino; MAJESTIC. You cannot go wrong getting a Dogo Argentino from Dream Dogos! You too will take the time to do a review because they are that great! Peter and everyone at Dream Dogos is professional all around,; patiently answering questions, providing wisdom, socializing their puppies which is VITAL, feeding them properly and making sure that your puppy is delivered with CARE! EVERYONE FROM BEGINNING until I received my puppy showed me nothin it dignity and respect! Thank you Mr. Peter and your family (including my puppy’s Sire and Dam too 🙂 ) I more than appreciate what Dream Dogos has done for me, it’s life changing in the most positive way! My dog is beautiful, I’m sure yours will be too!