Frequently Asked Questions About Dogo Argentinos

Jeff M
(5 stars)

I would like to start out by briefly explaining my recent history with Dogo Argentino’s. I have purchased two Dogo’s from one of the most “reputable Breeders” out there. Many of you may know who I am talking about. I paid more money for these two Dogo’s than I am guessing anyone in this forum has paid for or agreed to pay for a puppy. I did not have a choice on the puppy I received. I was told a price for the puppy, and I did not try to negotiate for a better deal. It appears that some people on this forum assume that the money that they agree to pay for a puppy affords them the right to get the best puppy of the litter. Dogo puppies are expensive! You do not go to the car dealership and say here is $3,000.00 now give me the best vehicle you have! The cost to breed, birth, and raise a Dogo puppy is very high when done properly not to mention very time consuming. You may assume that $2,000.00 to $3,500.00 is a lot of money, and I agree it is, but it does not get you anywhere near the pick of the litter for a Dogo Argentino when you are talking to a top breeder. Not to mention that maybe an experienced breeder like Dream Dogo’s may know a little more about which puppy is best for which customer based on what they have asked for, temperament, and other factors. If you want the best Dogo with the best temperament and the least amount of health issues, then Dream Dogo’s is the place to purchase your Dogo. The puppies and dogs that they sell are top quality. Believe me, I paid top dollar for top quality Dogo’s in the past and ended up with Dogo’s that died after a couple years due to health issues. After ordering pedigrees, I learned that there was also very unethical inbreeding by this breeder. One Dogo had such a bad temperament that he became a dangerous dog to have around. I received no help from this breeder with any of these issues! Then I contacted Dream Dogo’s. I explained what I was looking for, and that I have had health and temperament problems with the Dogo’s that I had purchased from another breeder. Peter at Dream Dogo’s understood the issues that I had dealt with, and picked out the perfect Dogo for me. We agreed on a price, and I took the Puppy home. This Dogo is the best dog that I have ever owned. He is personable, friendly, and is just a joy to have around. I want to thank Peter and Dream Dogo’s for their ethical and conscientious breeding of their Dogo’s. I would never buy a Dogo from anyone else! To have a Dogo that is part of the family and not terrorizing the family is what I had hoped for, and Dream Dogo’s delivered on all counts. Thanks again to Peter and Dream Dogo’s for my
dream Dogo!